The Economic Benefits of Biliteracy

The Economic Benefits of Biliteracy

The Economic Benefits of Biliteracy

Biliteracy offers significant economic benefits for individuals and society. As globalization continues to shape the job market, bilingual individuals are increasingly sought after for their language skills and cultural competencies. Research by Gándara and Hopkins (2010) indicates that bilingualism can lead to higher earning potential and better job opportunities.

Bilingual employees can communicate effectively with a diverse client base, navigate international markets, and contribute to a more inclusive work environment. For young children, developing biliteracy skills early on sets the foundation for future economic advantages.

Read in 2 Languages helps prepare children for these opportunities by providing access to bilingual educational resources that support long-term language development and career readiness.


- Gándara, P., & Hopkins, M. (2010). Forbidden Language: English Learners and Restrictive Language Policies. Teachers College Press.

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